Panel SA: Request for judicial recovery of micro and small companies falls by half in January, says Serasa


The year began with a sharp drop in requests for judicial recovery of micro and small companies, according to monitoring by Serasa Experian. There were 31 requests in January, compared to 65 in the previous month.

Among medium-sized businesses, the number rose from 14 to 30. In large companies, it went from 5 to 6, on the same basis of comparison. The service sector was the one that fell the most, while commerce and industry recorded progress.

For Serasa, the decline in judicial recoveries is associated with the end-of-year movement, which is usually higher and gives breath to companies’ cash.

Bankruptcy filings remained stable compared to December, says Serasa, with 46 in all.

with Andressa Motter and Ana Paula Branco

Source: Folha

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