A fine of a total of €1,000,000 was imposed by the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, on a company, for which the audit by the Interagency Market Control Unit (DIMEA) was completed.

The fine concerns a violation of article 54 of Law 5045/29-07-2023, regarding the reduction of phenomena of unfair profit.

Specifically, it is required:

A fine of 1,000,000 euros in the company “JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS GR. Ltd.”

DIMEA’s intensive controls continue. In November alone, more than 1,250 controls have been carried out and fines of over €5.5 million have been imposed. The Ministry of Development – in an unprecedented mobilization of the control mechanism for Greek standards – has carried out more than 20,600 controls since the beginning of 2023 and has imposes fines totaling €10.3 million.

The Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, stated: “The battle for the benefit of Greek households continues. No one has the right to profit unfairly at the expense of the Greek citizen, especially under the conditions that imported inflation has shaped the market. The Greek government is the only one in Europe that has and applies a law against unfair profiteering. The permanent presence of the control mechanisms of the Ministry of Development in the market ensures the observance of legality, healthy competition and – as it is proven in practice – reduces the prices on the shelves”.