By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

The Ministry of Energy advises consumers who are faced with the dilemma of choosing an electricity tariff from the new year, when state subsidies also end, to remain calm. “Wait to see on the first of January the final prices that the providers will announce for the green tariff and then choose, there is no need to rush” is the message of the leadership of the ministry.


The green tariff is the tariff specially created by the Ministry of Energy to help consumers in the transition to the new tariff selection system. According to the first calculations, 7/10 households will switch to this if they do not choose one of the other tariffs. Indicated according to the market for consumptions between 300Kwh-500Kwh/month

+ The consumer will know from the beginning of each month the final billing price (that is, clauses, fixed charges, and extra charges or discounts are included). This makes it very simple to compare providers and choose the most attractive option for everyone.

+ There is no withdrawal clause, you can change your tariff and provider at will

-Due to the risk taken by the provider who offers a fixed price for a month at the beginning of the billing period, it is expected to be more expensive than the yellow tariff

-Constant attention is required from the household which every month should enter into the comparison process

Those who enter the selection process have to choose between the steady blue and the fluctuating yellow.


It is suitable for small consumptions up to 200Kwh/month, holiday homes and in general for those who do not have the knowledge, time or inclination to do online market research in order to find the cheapest solution.

+It has a fixed price for the entire duration of the contract (up to 2 years) which means that it is “protected” from events such as a war that send prices skyrocketing.

+The fixed price helps to plan the family budget

-This “insurance” is paid more and the blue tariff is expected to be 50-70% more expensive than the rest

– In the event of a “calm” in the market and a drop in prices, the consumer does not benefit

-There is an early departure clause


The yellow tariff is directly proportional to market moods. It is suitable for monthly consumptions of 300-500Kwh and for businesses.

+Due to uncertainty it is expected to be the cheapest tariff of all the rest.

+There is no early exit clause.

+In calm periods it is the most beneficial

– The consumer learns the billing price at the end of the month. This is an accounting invoice.

-In troubled periods it is the most exposed.


There is also a fourth tariff, the orange one, called by the Deputy Minister of Energy and Environment Alexandra Sdoukou and the tariff of the future, since at the moment it is actually addressed to only 2% of consumers. They have so-called smart meters that record in real time what you consume and how much you are charged based on fluctuations in the wholesale electricity price during the day. From 2024, an extensive installation program of such meters will begin with the aim of 1 million/year so that by 2030 the territory has been covered.