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Government leader says he expects approval from the Precatório PEC with more votes than in the 1st round


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The leader of the government in the Chamber, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), said this Tuesday (9) he hopes that the PEC (Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution) of the Precatório will be approved and with more votes than in the first round.

The vote on the measure that is essential for the payment of the R$ 400 of Brazil Aid is scheduled for this Tuesday.

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“We have a good prospect of approving the PEC with more votes than in the first round. This is the prognosis of the government’s base leaders,” said the leader, after meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) this morning.

The proposal needs to pass in two rounds, with the support of 308 deputies in each. On the first scoreboard, the government got just four more votes, considered a small margin to guarantee approval.

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Barros admitted that there must be a change in the score of opposition parties, such as PDT and PSB, whose benches split in the first round.

Faced with an offensive by the national leadership of these parties, the expectation is that the government will lose part of these votes.

“Or [ocorrer mudança], but we have several parliamentarians who were absent in the last vote and who will be present now,” he said.

The leader said that the vote will take place smoothly, but that it will be long. Also because many deputies are in another time zone, on official missions.

The president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), authorized, hours before the first round of the PEC in the plenary, that congressmen could vote remotely, which was prohibited with the return of in-person work.

Opposition parliamentarians, such as Alessandro Molon (PSB-RJ) and Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP), even asked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to suspend the vote alleging Lira’s maneuver.

However, on Tuesday (9), Minister Rosa Weber, rapporteur of the case at the Court, denied the three actions.

The minister stated that, in an initial analysis, she concluded that the questions only dealt with issues related to the internal regulations of the Chamber of Deputies and did not represent any violation of the Constitution that would justify the intervention of the STF.

“The matter, at least in terms of summary cognition, appears to fall under the category of act internal body, a scenario to circumscribe the resolution of an eventual interpretative controversy to the scope of that House,” he said.

The minister, however, did not rule out a decision being taken in the opposite direction after the approval of the PEC and mentioned that after the Chamber, the case must still be considered by the Senate.

“Moreover, I do not foresee, at least for now, the risk of ineffectiveness of any future concessional order, since, even if approved in the second round, by the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, the Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution will not be immediately promulgated”.


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