The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, the Minister of the Interior, Niki Kerameos, and the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, Thanos Petralias, signed the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMA) for the start of the support program for the unemployed.

The employment subsidy program concerns 1,300 long-term unemployed over the age of 55, and has a duration of 24 months. The aim of the program, budget of 31.2 million euros, is the creation of a total of 1,300 new full-time jobs in the public health sector, by hiring unemployed people aged 55 and over.

Beneficiaries of the program eare unemployed aged 55 to 67, as well as unemployed over 67 and up to 74 who have not completed the required pensionable time to establish a full pension right, registered in the Digital Register of the Unemployed of the Services of D.Y.P.A.

The grant amount per beneficiary is defined at 75% of salary and non-salary costs and up to 750 euros and is covered by the budget of DYPA and the bodies of the General Government, which will employ the beneficiaries.

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, stated: “Our concern is to support the workforce and find solutions. In this context, the labor market integration program for 1,300 long-term unemployed over 55 years of age is included. Through this program we not only support the long-term unemployed but also strengthen the structures of the Public Health System. Our aim is clear to further strengthen the disposable income of citizens. No one is going to be left behind.”