By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

It opens tomorrow at the latest according to the Deputy Minister of Labor in his relevant statements at SKAI TV, the platform for retirees who wish to continue working. The opening of the platform will be accompanied by a relevant ministerial decision – unless unforeseen during the week – which will clarify the last unclear points.

According to the law, from January 1st working pensioners cease to suffer the penalty of withholding 30% of their pension. Instead, a levy will be levied in favor EFKA 10% in their pay. The contribution will be withheld retroactively from the beginning of the year. But in order for this to happen, all working pensioners – even those who worked before the New Year and have already declared their work to the insurance funds – must declare their details and their type of work (salaried or self-employed) on the platform. According to the first calculations of the Ministry of Labor, at least 50,000 pensioners are expected to declare that they are working.

After all, the omission of the declaration on the new platform will mean for the working pensioner a fine equal to 12 monthly pensions, main and auxiliary. It should be noted that already all working pensioners – at least those known to the authorities as such – already receive their full pensions from the beginning of the year, i.e. without the 30% withholding.

The 10% wage contribution is non-remunerative, meaning that it cannot be used to provide a second pension or even to increase the pension paid. Of course, the extra working time will count towards the increase in the pensioner’s pension when he stops working.

For employees, the contribution will be withheld by the employers through the APD, who must return it to the e – E.F.K.A. On an annual basis, it cannot exceed twelve times the national pension, i.e. €5,114.

For the self-employed (self-employed and self-employed) there will be a 50% increase in the insurance contribution of the main insurance they have chosen (the vast majority choose the lowest insurance class).

For the self-employed (doctors, lawyers, engineers) who are subject to both main and auxiliary insurance compulsorily, there is a 40% increase in both the main and auxiliary insurance contributions.

Those paid with Documents of Services Provided they will have a reservation of 10% on the net value of the document.

The increased contributions will be indicated in the notices that freelancers and self-employed people receive each month

Those who have submitted a pension application and their pension is pending are NOT exempt from paying the contribution. They pay the contribution normally and if the pension application is rejected, the amount withheld will be returned to them.

On the contrary, pensioners with disabilities, certain categories of large families and farmers are exempted from the obligation to pay the contribution.

Also excluded are pensioners whose pension payment was suspended for any reason, such as for example because they are employed by a General Government Agency and have not reached the age of sixty-two (62).