The Naval Defense Fund (N.A.T.) enters the digital age, through the innovative myNAT app, which connects seafarers, as well as shipping companies, with the Fund in real time.

Through the myNAT app, Greek seafarers can now have direct and easy access to their service history, with detailed information on total days of service, days of employment per year, service history by time range, days off, employment by ship category and employment by seafarer specialty.

The application is particularly useful, both for young seafarers who started their careers after 1/7/2017, and for older ones, as they will be able to have a computerized image of the last years of their insurance life.

In the immediate future, the information on the acquisitions that Greek sailors may have made regarding their time of service on ships with a foreign flag will also be recorded – through the app, while within the year the recording of previous years will also be completed, with priority to seafarers who are approaching the establishment of a pension right.

As stated in the relevant announcement, the “my NAT” app has been designed, in order to become the digital space that will host a series of additional digital services, which will improve the communication of Greek seafarers with NAT for more than 21 servicesbut will also help shipping companies with regard to their transactions with the Fund, the possibility of issuing electronic receipts, etc.

For the new and innovative tool, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domna Michailidoustated: “This is an important step towards the digital transformation of N.A.T., as it offers seafarers, as well as shipping companies, the possibility to have easy and quick access to information, tools and services that concern them. In the era of big data (Big Data) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), no sector, whether related to the state or to the free economy, entrepreneurship and work, is going to remain unaffected. We want the Ministry of Labour, as well as all the agencies under it, as well as the citizens, to be able to use the power of technology and the wealth of information in the future. As the Ministry of Labour, we are ardent supporters of projects and actions related to the possibilities provided by new technologies.”

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social SecurityPanos Tsakloglou, write down: “Today, we had the honor to participate in the event of the country’s oldest insurance fund and the presentation of the functionality of myNAT, an application for mobile phones, through which the insured of the Fund will be able to see in real time their marine service by specialty , time and class of ship, as well as the contributions that have been paid. This application is undoubtedly another step for the digital modernization of NAT, which already in recent years has produced significant results: from the clearing of outstanding pensions and the development of interoperability with the EFKA and DYPA databases, to the renewal of the IT of the equipment and the internal restructuring of the body. Recipients of this improved level of service are none other than the workers at sea, who represent the most competitive sector of the Greek economy, with a tradition that truly comes from the depths of the centuries. Digital modernization is a road that does not stop, and as technology is constantly evolving, we must always be able to be ready to make the most of it.”

For his part, the NAT commander, Konstantinos Tsagaropoulos, underlined: “NAT is being renovated in the perception, in the mentality, in the way of providing services to our sailors. Now, we have turned the page and are on the new path that has been set in recent years. In the context of the new course of NAT, our participation is included in the overall effort of the digital transition, which is the main goal of the government. We are presenting such an action today, the “my NAT” application for mobile phones, and to be precise, its first implementation with the depiction of the maritime service of sailors. myNAT reflects in practice the new course of the Organization and the new era for the services it offers to the Greek seafarer and Greek shipping. We are proud that, from the computer age of the last century, NAT is making the new path to a creative future a reality, with modern services for the people of the world’s leading shipping power!”