A new deadline, for the presentation of supporting documents for the exemption of traffic fees for the year 2024, for owners of disabled vehicles, is set on 1/7 with a newer circular from the Governor of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, Giorgos Pitsilis.

In particular, a new deadline is provided for owners with pending documents for disabled vehicles to submit:

a) that appear exempt from road tax without having checked the conditions for granting exemption from the DOU at the time of their registration and for which their image in the Vehicle Information System (VIS) has not been corrected to date,

b) whose decision of exemption due to disability expired on 12/31/2023, and it will not be possible to present new supporting documents (KEPA opinion with relevant matching medical certificate) until 2/29/2024.

The supporting documents are submitted through the digital portal myAADE (myaade.gov.gr), following the route: My Requests / New Request / Taxation / Cars / Disability toll exemption.

Those interested can be informed in particular through the Taxpayer Service Center of AADE: +30 213 162 1000, on working days and hours 07:30 – 17:00.