The Trans-European Automated Rapid Funds Transfer System in Continuous Time (TARGET system) will be closed on 29 March and 1 April 2024, Good Friday and the second day of Catholic/Protestant Easter respectively. These days do not coincide with holidays within the Greek Territory and therefore, according to article 11 of Law 3336/2005, they are special holidays for interbank transactions and the provisions of the said article will apply.

According to an announcement by the Hellenic Banks Association, during the said dates the branches of the Banks will remain open, since these days are working days for the staff. However, they will provide a limited service to the trading public, since the non-operation of the TARGET System does not allow certain interbank transactions to take place.

The interbank transaction holiday applies to the Bank of Greece, the companies of the Athens Stock Exchange group, Interbank Systems S.A., as well as the following categories of businesses:

1. Credit institutions (Banks) operating in Greece, which include Greek credit institutions, the Deposit and Loan Fund and the branches of foreign credit institutions.

2. Businesses Providing Investment Services.

3. Leasing companies and claims agency companies.

4. Joint Stock Fund Management Companies and joint stock investment portfolio companies.

During special holidays, all overdue obligations deriving from existing contracts between the above-mentioned entities and their customers, as well as other generally overdue, on the same days, obligations of their customers to any third party, are fulfilled on the next working day , i.e. Tuesday, April 2, 2024, when the consequences of any non-fulfilment begin.

Transactions carried out at credit institutions on the days of the special holiday will be entered into their systems with the date of the next working day, i.e. Tuesday, 2 April 2024.

In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5 of article 11 of Law 3336/2005, the obligations arising from the servicing of the Public Debt, loans and securities of the Greek State will be fulfilled in accordance with their special conditions on the previous or the following working day, i.e. Thursday, March 28 or Tuesday, April 2.

Following a relevant directive of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, on March 29 and April 1, 2024, the Public Financial Services (PFO) and the Customs Authorities of our country will accept bank checks presented with a date of issue on April 2, 2024.

Finally, organizations and businesses that work directly with banks to send debit records via standing orders and credit records (e.g. payroll) are advised to contact their partner bank for any further information or clarification.