Panel SA: High input cost worries construction again

Panel SA: High input cost worries construction again

Sao Paulo

The increase in the cost of inputs once again worries the civil construction sector. A report by the CBIC (Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry) states that the variation in prices, mainly for iron and steel, remains high at the beginning of the year, recalling the times of hyperinflation in the country.

According to José Carlos Martins, president of the CBIC, the reduction in activity became clearer in the sectorial figures for the last quarter. “If nothing is done, it slows down,” he says.

In the last two years, the cost of construction material has increased by 50%, according to the CBIC, driven by the unexpected increase in demand, shortages in the domestic market and import taxes.

Joana Cunha with Andressa Motter and Ana Paula Branco

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