By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

We are open and we are waiting for you. AADE has re-opened the relevant platform and property owners who have received “inflated” invoices can now correct errors and omissions in E9 so that new invoices can be issued.

Depending on the type of omission or error, the taxpayer, the additional unnecessary ENFIA for the taxpayer can start at 20% and escalate to 90%.

The most frequent mistakes have to do with the listing of auxiliary spaces (warehouses, parking lots, etc.), which have a reduced ENFIA by 90% and must be declared separately.
If the property is vacant and not electrified, it must be declared, while if a building within a farm is not declared as auxiliary, then its tax is increased fivefold! Unfinished buildings are 60% off

Particular attention must be paid to rights in rem as full ownership has a different weight and a small ownership or usufruct has another.
In addition, if the percentage of co-ownership is not indicated, the system automatically considers that the property belongs entirely to the person completing the E9 and ENFIA “inflates”.
If the floor of an apartment is not filled, the system “voluntarily” “raises” it to the floor with the highest coefficient, from the 6th and above.
The age must be filled in correctly – properties before 1930 have a 20% discount -, the surface area and the distance of the property from the sea, otherwise the bill “inflates even more”.

What should also be noted is that from the year 2013 it is mandatory to indicate the number of the electricity supply in the buildings of which the owner has full ownership or usufruct. From the year 2014 onwards, the fields relating to contract details such as the number and date of the contract or the VAT number of the notary must also be filled in.

If, after the amending declaration, the resulting new settlement provides for a tax reduction of more than €300, then the taxpayer will be asked to submit the necessary supporting documents certifying the need to reduce the VAT in order to complete the settlement. For relief of less than €300, no additional movement is required.

The interested party enters his personal account on taxisnet and then the E9 property register application. There he chooses the year for which he wants to make a correction and from the available actions the creation of an E9 statement

According to the information provided by the AADE, if someone is entitled to an income tax refund and wants to collect it in full, they will have to pay the ENFIA:

Until Thursday, April 18 via web banking
Until Friday, April 19 through the AADE website or mobile application.
Then the AADE will run mass offsets between the 2 taxes and “no sin”.

This year’s ENFIA will be paid in 11 monthly installments starting from April 30 and ending on February 28, 2025. There is no discount in case of a one-off payment and each installment cannot be less than €10.