The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, part of the UN system, said on Monday that he is concerned about the possibility of Israel targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities, where they are expected to resume inspections today.

The Chief of the General Staff of Israel’s National Defense General Herchi Halevi announced yesterday that there will be retaliation after Iran’s unprecedented attack with drones and missiles against Israeli territory on the night of Saturday to Sunday, in retaliation for the bombing attributed to the Israeli Air Force. of the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1; and this despite appeals from many quarters for restraint as the fear of conflagration in the Middle East intensifies.

IAEA Director General Raphael Grossi noted that Tehran had shut down its nuclear facilities for “security reasons”. Although they reopened yesterday, he added, he chose not to send inspectors until “we see that the situation is completely calm.”

“We will resume tomorrow” the inspections, Mr. Grossi added, speaking to reporters in New York, assuring that the serious escalation of tension between Iran and Israel “has not had an impact” on the inspectors’ work so far.

Asked about the possibility of the Israeli military targeting Iranian nuclear facilities, the IAEA director general replied “we are always concerned about that possibility” and called for “maximum restraint”.

Iran has consistently maintained that its nuclear energy program is purely political and has peaceful and research purposes. Israel and Western powers accuse Tehran of seeking to acquire a nuclear arsenal.