Petrobras record profit, Rede D’or buys SulAmérica and what matters in the market


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Rede D’or buys SulAmérica

Rede D’or closed this Wednesday a business combination agreement with SulAmérica, with the hospital network incorporating the shares of the insurer.

The value of the deal was not disclosed, and the operation needs to be approved by the shareholders’ meetings and the competent authorities.

Who is who:

  • D’or Network: is the largest hospital network in the country. With the acquisition of SulAmérica, it advances in the verticalization of its business, when the same company manages hospitals, laboratories and health plans.
  • South America: the deal with D’or valued it at around BRL 15 billion. It is the fifth largest health plan in the country, with more than 7 million from clients. In 2020, it sold its car insurance operation to Allianz to focus on healthcare.

The deal: exclusively involving the exchange of shares, SulAmérica shareholders will receive new common shares (with voting rights) of Rede D’Or equivalent to 13.5% of its share capital.

  • The exchange ratio will be 0.7630 action common stock of D’or for each unit (set of shares) of SulAmérica, which implies a premium of 49.3% on the closing of the insurer’s shares on February 18, the date used as a reference.
  • The two companies will continue with independent operations and have assumed exclusive trading obligations between them for a certain period. Failure to comply will result in billions in fines.

Repercussion: the news was anticipated by columnist Lauro Jardim, from the newspaper O Globo, and the shares reacted in the last minutes of the trading session. The ones from SulAmérica shot 25.1%, quoted at R$ 30.94. The shares of Rede D’Or rose 8.82%at R$ 55.50

Record profit and mountain of dividends

Petrobras posted a record annual profit in 2021, of BRL 106.6 billionaccording to the results released by the company on Wednesday.

in numbers: is a growth of 1,400% compared to the previous year. In the fourth quarter of 2021, profit was BRL 31.5 billion, down 47.4% from the same period of the previous year, when it reversed accounting losses.

What explains: Petrobras’ record profit follows the rise in international oil prices and the rise in the dollar last year. The price of Brent oil in reais rose 77% in 2021. The rise was also noticed in the price of gasoline.

The company also highlighted that the advance in the margin and the greater volume in the sale of fuels contributed to the profit.

Dividends: Petrobras announced an additional installment of BRL 37.3 billion in dividends to its shareholders. added to the R$ 63.4 billion released in October, the total reaches BRL 101.4 billion of dividends referring to the result of 2021.

  • The company’s profit distribution policy was changed last year, when it reached its gross debt reduction target in advance to $60 billion (BRL 300 billion).
  • União, the company’s main shareholder, with 36.7% of the shares, will receive BRL 38.1 billion of dividends referring to the result of 2021.

Analyze: will Petrobras be able to celebrate? Today yes, as of tomorrow, no, says Rodrigo Tavares, founder and president of Granito Group.

More about the Scholarship:

What brought the dollar to R$5

The dollar reached BRL 5. The currency closed this Wednesday at the lowest price since June, falling to R$4.994 during the day.

In numbers: the currency has already retreated 12.4% since it peaked this year at R$5.71 on January 5th. In a basket with 24 currencies of emerging countries, the real is the one that appreciated the most in the year, according to Bloomberg.

five points to understand the dollar fall and its impact:

Is it time to buy a dollar to travel? The exchange rate is affected by many variables, so it is difficult to make a projection. The recommendation is that the purchase of equal amounts be made at regular intervals until the trip, to reach the so-called average price.

More on inflation:

Americanas website back online

The websites of the Americanas group (, Submarino, Shoptime and Sou Barato) returned to the air this Wednesday.

Understand: the pages had been unstable since Saturday (19) and were taken down by the company after an “unauthorized access”. Physical stores continued to operate.

The company informed that there is no evidence of compromise of the databases.

Loss: a sheet showed that, without online sales, which represent about two thirds of the company’s total, the estimate is that Americanas has lost from R$100 million to R$150 million per day.

The offline sites also prompted criticism from customers on the company’s social networks, who said they were unable to track the delivery of their products or even pick them up in physical stores.

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