“Today is a big day for the Ministry of Labour. With 200 million euros we finance the salary 25,000 young people in their first jobs. With the pre-work program, young people up to the age of 29 will find a job and gain valuable professional experience. Strengthening the employment of young people is our primary goal”.

This was stated by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, who was at noon on Thursday, 6/6, in a company that has used programs of the Public Employment Service (PYPA).

“Our actions and the policies we implement are not limited only to young people. With targeted programs we make thousands of our fellow citizens visible in the labor market, with the integration and reintegration of women, vulnerable groups and our older fellow citizens, especially the 55-67 age group. The more than 100,000 working-retirees who took advantage of the possibility we provide them, to receive their pension in full, became visible,” said Mrs. Michailidou.

Speaking about the vocational rehabilitation program for 25,000 young people aged up to 29, the Labor Minister noted: “It is our response to labor market needs and practical support for young people not in education, employment and training (NEETs). A group that is proportionally larger in Greece than in other European countries. We will bridge this gap. That’s why, this year, we decided to increase the number of beneficiaries by 10,000, to double the budget and to reach out to private businesses throughout the country.”

As he stated, “businesses, at zero cost, can absorb up to 20 unemployed. The basic condition, of course, is that they have not reduced staff in the last quarter, before submitting the applications.”

The Minister of Labor and Social Security announced the new initiative in the context of a meeting she had with the governor of DYPA, Spyros Protopsaltis, with beneficiaries of the Organization’s programs and with representatives of a company that has used the programs. The meeting was attended by six workers, who work in various fields and, through DYPA’s programs, found jobs in positions corresponding to their work profile.

As pointed out in a related announcement, Eftychia M. was hired with the previous pre-work program and, after its completion, continues to work in the company under contract until July. Zaharoula M. and Maria G., after the program, found a job in another company. Joana K. completed an earlier pre-work program, went on to work at other companies and is currently not working, while Irini T. worked at the company with the 2022 program and left. Konstantina I. was a beneficiary of DYPA’s pre-work program at another company and has been working in the company since February 1st.

Present at the meeting were representatives of the company that uses DYPA’s programs, officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and DYPA.

In his statements, the commander of the DYPA, Spyros Protopsaltis, underlined: “It is no coincidence that the first action of the new NSRF aims to strengthen the employment of young people. Like all the new generation programs that we have implemented in recent years, it was designed with a view to promoting the employment of those who face significant barriers to integration into the labor market, with priority given to young people. This new action enables young people up to 29 years of age who have no previous experience, to gain valuable professional experience. To date, we have implemented four corresponding programs with great success, through which more than 33,000 unemployed young people had the opportunity to respond to corresponding business needs. We methodically continue our interventions to make it easier for young people to find quality jobs and plan the career path they envision, and at the same time we support businesses that need new, qualified human resources. The implementation of effective active employment policies remains our constant priority.”

Applications open Friday, June 7 – What you need to know

Business applications for the new ‘work experience program for unemployed 18-29 year olds’ start tomorrow, Friday 7 June 2024, at 11:00am.

Beneficiaries are 25,000 registered unemployed, age 18-29 years oldgraduates of at least compulsory education, who do not participate in an education or training program or are employed.

The program has a duration seven months and DYPA will pay the beneficiaries monthly compensation equal to the legal minimum wage (with full insurance contributions), a proportion of holiday gifts and leave allowance, while the beneficiaries will have full medical coverage of the e-EFKA.

Businesses interested in participating, submit an online application through the DYPA website: https://www.dypa.gov.gr/anoikta-proghrammata.