Their prices are recovering shares at the start of today’s meeting Stock Exchangeamid upward movement in European markets as well.

The market is trying to recover after three bearish sessions during which the main stock index registered a total loss of 3.25%.

O General Price Index at 11:00, it stands at 1,416.77 points, up 0.90%.

The value of the transactions amounts to 6.15 million euros.

The large-cap index is up 0.88%, while the mid-cap index is up 1.19%.

All the large-cap stocks are moving in positive territory, and the biggest gainers are the stocks of PPA (+2.41%), of Elektor (+2.13%), of Elvalhalcor (+1.99%), of ELPE (+1.89%), of Motor Oil (+1.83%) and her National (+1.73%).

40 stocks move up, 15 down and 8 remain stable.

The biggest increase is recorded by the shares: Moda Bango (+4.35%) Medical (+4.00%), while the biggest decline is recorded by the shares: Mathios Pyrimaha (-3.02%) and Ktima Lazaridis (-2.23 %).