Criticism for its lack of transparency and interconnection BSE with the region, small and medium enterprises and universities, the candidate president of the Association exercised today, Iulia Tsetisduring her speech at the general meeting of the members of the BSE before the voting for the appointment of a new administration.

Candidates for the presidency of the Association are Ms. Tseti, President & CEO of the Tseti Pharmaceutical Enterprises Group and the current vice-president of the Association, Spyros Theodoropoulos.

“We did not give the reason, the space and the time to the daily and deeper needs of our member companies of Attica and the region, which did not form the narrow core of BSE”, emphasized Ms. Tseti and added:

“We turned a blind eye to the major issue of VIPE by allowing illegal monopoly practices to operate, at a time when our colleagues are trying to find a way for their survival. Outgoing for everyone was not a priority when we left out many smaller businesses on business missions.

We haven’t capitalized on the digital transformation we’re promoting so much, but we’ve been stuck in old-fashioned small-group meetings. We managed to be a BSE ‘from the big to the big’, undermining the value and dynamism of the small and medium businesses that approached us for help, but were largely left untapped and on the sidelines.”

Ms. Tseti raised the question why for 117 years since the foundation of the Association there were no elections and “what were the real reasons for the prevailing regime of pre-arranged decisions by the Board of Directors, which were merely formally ratified by the General Assembly”.

He reiterated the proposals for the re-establishment of the Ministry of Industry & Energy, the reactivation of the Office of the Association in Brussels, the creation of financial tools within the BSE in cooperation with the banks and the establishment of electronic voting and concluded:

“We can all move to a better place than where we are today, Greek and multinational companies, whose investments are important to stimulate the Research and Development of products and the investments we need as an economy.”