Telemarketing call must have 0303 on the front; see what changes

Telemarketing call must have 0303 on the front;  see what changes

As of this Thursday (10th), telemarketing operators are obliged to place the number 0303 in calls made to consumers for the sale of products. The rule applies to the company that uses the cell phone to make contact with the customer.

Defined in December, the new standard by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) aims to standardize the numbering and serve as an “important tool for the consumer in the identification of telemarketing calls”. With this, the customer decides whether or not to attend.

For now, the rule only applies to calls made via cell phone. In June, it will be the turn of those who use landlines to put the 0303 in front of the number when there is active telemarketing, which is the practice of offering products or services through telephone calls or messages, whether recorded or not.

The code identification must be clear on the screen display. In addition, according to Anatel, operators must carry out preventive blocking of active telemarketing calls when the order is placed by the consumer. The new rules will not apply to calls seeking donations or collections.

According to Anatel, companies that want to carry out active telemarketing must contact their telecommunications provider or telemarketing agent and request a change in the use of their numbers by code 0303.

“In turn, the telecommunication service provider contacted must reserve a 0303 serial number for the active telemarketing provider,” the note reads.

Anatel also informs that, if the company does not comply with the rule, the customer must “address his complaint to the provider”. If it doesn’t work out, you need to look for the regulatory agency to file a complaint through 131, Reclame Aqui, Anatel’s website or through the agency’s application. Punishments for non-compliance with the measure include a warning, fine and temporary suspension of services.

For the lawyer Alexandre Berthe, specialist in consumer law, the new rule may be full of “good intentions”, the operational form of the measure leaves much to be desired. According to him, the reason is that the ideal would be for telemarketing companies to stop bothering the consumer.

“I’ll have the power to choose whether or not to answer the call, but she’s going to be disturbing, ringing on the phone, she’s going to. It’s a breakthrough, but I think it’s only going to change the way people will complain,” he says. .

Currently, the consumer already has tools that can prevent calls. In the state of São Paulo, Procon-SP (Foundation for Consumer Protection and Defense) offers the “Don’t Call Me”. Established by state law of 2008, the system allows consumers to register their number to not receive any type of telemarketing call.

The measure also allows that in addition to calls, whether automatic or made by robots, messages are not sent by SMS or applications, such as WhatsApp, for example, seeking the holder of the line or someone else. In this register, companies are also prohibited from making calls or sending collection messages.

Know how to block telemarketing calls

Interested parties should access the website It is possible to include up to five landline or cell phone lines, as long as they are in the consumer’s name. ​After the 30th day of registration, telemarketing companies must stop making contact on the registered number.

If this does not occur, the customer can return to the site and file a complaint. The São Paulo legislation does not affect companies that ask for donations.

There is yet another way to block calls, using the “Do Not Disturb” system. The measure applies to the offer of products and services through telephone contact exclusively to telecommunications operators and financial institutions, which involves mobile, landline, pay TV and internet companies, in addition to the offer of payroll loans.

To block calls, simply access the website and register. The blocking of the registered number will occur within 30 calendar days from the date of the order. To check your request or unlock it, just access the site again with your login and password.

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