Million Bill is still down and the provider must make a provisional receipt


After six days, the virtual platform of the Nota do Milhão, of the City of São Paulo, continues with instability. The NFSe (Electronic Service Invoice) system has had problems since last Saturday (13), which meant that many users were unable to issue the invoices.

The Municipal Secretariat of Finance informed that, while the functioning of the system is not normalized, the city’s service providers will be able to issue a provisional receipt, which can be made or printed by the taxpayer.

This document must have all the data that allow its replacement by the electronic invoice as soon as the service starts working again. “An ordinance will be published determining that there will be no penalty for delay in issuing notes by taxpayers during the period of instability in the system”, says the secretariat.

“Under the current legislation, in the absence of the Electronic Services Invoice, the Provisional Services Receipt is the document that ensures all fiscal/tax effects related to the provision of services in the city of São Paulo”, adds the folder.

The secretariat states that it will make available on its website a tutorial guiding taxpayers on the procedure for issuing the provisional receipt. Provisional receipts can be converted into electronic invoices until December 6th of this year.


According to the folder, the instability on the platform was caused by a procedure for maintenance and updating of the database infrastructure, which started over the weekend. “The initiative aims to ensure that the emission system continues to operate with the most advanced technologies available on the market”, informs the municipal administration.

The secretariat says that its technicians and those of the companies involved are “working 24 hours a day” to solve the problem, but did not provide a forecast of when the system should have normal operation.

On average, according to the city hall, around one million electronic service invoices are issued daily in the city of São Paulo.


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