Feirão Limpa Serasa’s name starts on Tuesday (23)


From November 23rd to 27th, six Brazilian capitals will participate in the 26th edition of Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome, enabling the renegotiation of debts with discounts that can reach up to 99%. In the state of São Paulo, the tent will be located at Largo da Batata, in Pinheiros (western zone). The service will be from 8am to 8pm.

According to Serasa, the last survey carried out by the company, in October, shows that the Southeast region has more than 28.5 million defaulters and, in São Paulo, more than 15 million Brazilians are facing difficulties in obtaining credit.

“The physical tents in six regions allow more Brazilians to benefit from the action and so that we can democratize the conditions of the fair for people who find it difficult to close the deal digitally or who prefer to renegotiate in person. We chose each location thinking of doing even more part of that moment in the lives of Brazilians, allowing for different ways to start over, according to the reality of each one”, says Nathalia Dirani, Serasa’s marketing manager.

During the service, consumers will also be able to download the Serasa application and receive the “debt aid”, which will pay R$50 in Serasa’s digital wallet for anyone who negotiates and pays upfront agreements starting at R$200, either in a or several debts added together, through the application, until November 30th. Check out the full regulation here.

Face-to-face service rules

Attendances at the tents will be available from Tuesday (23) to Saturday (27), without appointment. It is mandatory to wear a mask and present an official document with a photo, such as a RG. Renegotiation can only be done by the person holding the document and the debt.

All locations will have a preferential service area for the elderly, people with special needs, pregnant women and people with infants. “The sanitary protocols are also being followed to maintain the safety of visitors and employees,” says Serasa, in a statement.

In addition to the service in physical tents, the Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome will run until December 5 on the company’s official digital channels and at more than 7,000 partner agencies of the Correios. In this case, a fee of R$ 3.60 is charged for the consultation. It is also necessary to bring an original document with a photo.

digital channels

  • Serasa app, available on Google Play and the App Store
  • Site www.feiraolimpanome.com.br
  • WhatsApp (11) 99575-2096
  • 0800-5911222


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