Marcos Oliveira, from ‘A Grande Família’, asks for help with surgery

Marcos Oliveira, from ‘A Grande Família’, asks for help with surgery

Marcos Oliveira, 66, famous for his role as Beiçola in “A Grande Família” (Globo, 2001-2014), used his social networks this Saturday (28) to make an appeal and raise money for surgery. He had already reported financial difficulties in the past year.

“I really need help, things are tough, I’m waiting to operate on a fistula I have in the urethra, but I have very high blood sugar. I have an endocrinologist scheduled, but I need help,” said the actor in a video.

Oliveira said he still didn’t know how to get possible help from internet users, but he said he was alone with his dogs, which he calls his daughters, and that he’s dying to get back to work. “I can’t take it,” he said.

“I’ve been waiting for my improvement since December, but this State thing, we are in line waiting, waiting. I want to resolve it as soon as possible to go back to work, the only thing that interests me in my life is working. help”.

Many people responded to the actor’s request, with messages of support and offers from Pix. Among the netizens was the comedian Tatá Werneck, who called Oliveira for a private conversation, as well as the actor João Pedro Delfino, from “Poliana Moça” (SBT).

Last year, during an interview with Danilo Gentili, at The Noite (SBT), Oliveira said that he had nothing to eat during the pandemic due to lack of work. According to him, the solution was the help of friends and an online crowdfunding.

“There comes a time when you say: ‘Gee, man, I don’t know how people stand in this state they’re in’. I don’t know how many millions of people without work and without food. I think it’s important that you have your work, your dignity to be able to feed”.

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