Arthur Picoli rebuts criticism after buying a car worth around R$445,000


Former BBC and personal trainer Arthur Picoli, 27, rebutted comments for having bought a car worth nearly half a million reais. On his social networks, he showed that he bought a BMW X4, which on the brand’s official website, has prices starting at around R$ 445,000.

“Here it’s been rushing since I was 14 years old, I’ve never been my mom and dad’s baby. So hold on and look around when crossing, because the BM is on the track and the diffuser is open,” he wrote in his Stories on Tuesday (23).

“Nobody ever came to applaud and praise me for riding the bus for 26 years of my life,” added the personal trainer on his Twitter. In the comments fans and netizens supported Picoli. “Humility you have plenty of,” said one. “It was just what was needed, what boring people,” wrote another.

He recently suffered an attempted robbery in traffic this Friday (13). He even reported on his social networks, reassuring fans that it was just a scare and nothing was stolen and no one was hurt.

“Brother! They tried to rob the Uber I’m in. They stuck the gun in the window. The guy [motorista] accelerated and we managed to leak on closed signal,” he reported on Twitter. Then he even joked: “Guys asking if my cell phone was stolen. I’m tweeting for smoke signal.”

Picoli did not report on social media where he was when he suffered the attempted robbery, but he lives in Rio de Janeiro. The ex-BBB had already revealed that he suffered attacks and persecution from haters after leaving Big Brother Brasil 21, which led him to donate his car, so as not to be recognized in traffic.

“I gave up my car. Because of the license plate. People followed me when I went to train. They filmed me entering the gym, then me leaving, getting into the car, the car leaving and they following,” he said in an interview with Rap channel 77.

“The guys were really after me. And I didn’t believe it, I thought I was a teenager from the Internet. And based on what? What did I do for it? They threatened my mother, my 2-year-old nephew,” he recalled, who admitted mistakes in his relationship with actress Carla Diaz, 30, on the show.

“I had never been with anyone famous. I didn’t even know how to sing it,” he explains. “Out here, life is good, I get along very well. Two years ago I lived in a district of 3,000 inhabitants. There are nine cameras inside, just in the kitchen, besides what people don’t see.”


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