In the partitions »… Shakira and Pique


In the last hours the news that the Shakira and Pique split due to infidelity of the latter makes the rounds of the internet. Is it true or are they just rumors?

This is because, as everything shows, the main problem of the pop star at this time is not the divorce, but her pending issues with the tax office!

Shakira has been summoned to appear in court on June 12 in a Barcelona district for alleged financial fraud worth nearly 14.5 million euros. The hearing is set for June 12 at 10:00 local time.

Her legal team said in a statement that it would continue to defend its case with sound legal arguments. «In tax matters, Shakira has always been impeccable in all the countries where she had to pay taxes and she trusted and faithfully followed the recommendations of the best experts and advisors.“, The lawyers underlined.

So let’s see how it all started

The newspaper “Periodico” wrote that the Spanish footballer has been living alone for a few weeks now, in fact in his old house. Separation scenarios give and take and the scandalous show “Mamarazzis” takes the baton and makes its own… “spicy” revelations.

«Shakira caught Pique with another and the couple is about to separate. It’s something that happened with data and that’s why there is now a dimension in the couple. There is probably nothing else in their relationship“, The journalist stated characteristically.

The journalist, in fact, goes one step further and takes Pique to the “center”, saying that not only did he return to the house where he lived while he was single, but he has started a frantic life, full of parties and other women!

Reports also say that he and his teammate Ricky Putz rent private rooms in famous Madrid clubs and have fun until the morning, accompanied by… ethereal female beings.

The couple, however, observes “silent fish” and does not confirm or deny anything.

Pique and Shakira count 12 years of relationshipas they have been together since 2010. The two of them had met on the sidelines World Cup South Africaduring the shooting of the song “Waka Waka”.

In September 2012, the Colombian star announced that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child and in January 2013, their son, Milan, was born. In January 2015, their second son, Sasha, was born.

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