Marcos Mion admits that he feels Covid sequelae and shoots: ‘Evil virus’


Two weeks after announcing that he had tested positive for Covid, Marcos Mion is still not 100%. The presenter of Globo’s “Caldeirão”, admitted that he feels sequelae of the disease such as shortness of breath and continuous dry cough, when resuming the routine of work and physical activities. In his first workout in the new facilities of his own gym, Mion vented in a series of videos on Instagram, this Wednesday (8).

“First leg training after Covid. For those who have already caught this disease, the breath also took time to return to normal? This is crazy. How crazy”, lamented the presenter already inside “Mion Fitness”. He also talked about having been sick while filming the attraction.

“I recorded two shows and then I started with that energy. Up there and full of gas. In the middle of my initial text I was already out of breath and when the camera cut to introduce the judges, I took the air from my lungs to be able to continue with production”, he assumes.

The presenter also revealed that he still has a cough and complains about Covid. “Evil virus. I thank God for already having three doses of the vaccine in my arm because it was already a consensus that everyone would get it. I keep thinking about the people who caught it at the beginning and, unfortunately, died. What a terror. These symptoms that remain, these sequelae are terrible”, assumes the presenter who reveals fear of catching Covid. “I was terrified.”

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