The best combinations of anti-aging skincare ingredients

The best combinations of anti-aging skincare ingredients

When talking about the benefits of different skincare ingredients, we often focus on one ingredient at a time.

In practice, however, a good care routine combines several ingredients that complement each other. These combinations can be even more effective in terms of your skincare goals than each component separately.

That is why we analyze below the best combinations of ingredients for anti-aging:

Morning combination: vitamin C and sunscreen
A favorite combination to start every day. Vitamin C offers radiance, has antioxidant activity and protects against environmental factors. It also protects the skin from premature aging and has an anti-aging effect which is enhanced by the sunscreen. The sunscreen acts as a protective shield on the skin, allowing vitamin C to act undisturbed.

Evening combination: retinol and peptides
The value of retinol in a good anti-aging skincare routine is well known. Thus, its place in the evening grooming routine is a given. In addition to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, retinol helps control acne, enhances collagen production, acts against discoloration and enhances the uniform appearance of the skin. Although it sounds like it does it all (and to some extent it does), its combination with peptides is ideal, especially for mature skin. The peptides moisturize the skin, reducing the appearance of dryness from retinol and accelerating collagen production. Together, the two ingredients strengthen the skin barrier, reducing irritation and keeping skin glowing, radiant, supple and smooth.

Combination for acne: salicylic acid and niacinamide
Two magic ingredients for skin with a tendency for acne and pimples. Tosalicylic acid cleanses the pores while niacinamide enhances the uniform tone of the skin. Together, they improve the appearance and health of oily skin with a tendency for pimples. But you need to be careful because they can cause dryness if applied in a larger amount than necessary.

Anti-aging combination for everyone: hyaluronic acid and retinol
The combination of retinol with hyaluronic acid is ideal for everyone, as hyaluronic acid fights any dryness or irritation that retinol can cause. So the skin does not lose its moisture and enjoys all the benefits of retinol!

Combination for dehydrated skin: niacinamide and tiles
Both of these ingredients soothe, soothe and moisturize the skin. Niacinamide improves skin tone, giving a uniform look while the tiles deeply moisturize.

Before adopting a new product in your care routine, consult your dermatologist or beautician.

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