Lary Bottino picks up Covid and is spotted at the club the same night


Influencer Lary Bottino caught Covid-19 and hours later was spotted at a club in São Paulo with some friends. When contacted, her advisors confirmed that the former farmer contracted the disease, but said that she did not know of a subsequent party.

The information was first disclosed by IG columnist Gabriel Perline and checked by F5. The friends who were with her at the club have already spoken.

One of them, the model and ex-On Vacation with Ex Gabi Rippi, posted in her Stories that she didn’t know that her friend had had a positive diagnosis hours before they left and that from now on she would be turned on for possible symptoms.

In videos circulating on the internet, Lary first complains of body aches due to the disease. However, later she appears dancing at the party wearing no mask and apparently no pain. The videos were deleted from the influencer’s account.

The positive test was discovered on Wednesday night (24), when she was barred from a program that would appear on Record News about the reality show from which she was eliminated, A Fazenda 13.

According to the columnist, who was also present at testing before the program, Lary was surprised to have the disease and revealed having caught Covid for the fourth time.


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