‘Beyond Illusion’: Gay kiss cut irritates public


It was supposed to be more of a love scene, but it turned into a disappointment for viewers. Precisely in the month of Pride LGBTQIA+, Globo stopped showing a gay kiss between two characters in the soap opera “Além da Illusion”. In this Tuesday’s chapter (14), after some meetings and disagreements, Leopoldo (Michel Blois) accepted Plínio’s (Nikolas Antunes) marriage proposal and the scene, which would be sealed with the couple’s exchange of caresses, was cut. . Many netizens disapproved of the justification used in the plot for not showing the kiss: “the time did not allow it”.

A month ago, actor Nilokas Antunes joined Alessandra Poggi’s soap opera to live the gay romance and drive the 6pm production. Despite trying to maintain secrecy at first, the characters decide to face society’s prejudice, as predicted in the synopsis, and the scene began to be shown in a radio room this Tuesday.

They start talking about romance. Afterwards, the duo comments on the decision to assume the relationship in the presence of Arminda (Caroline Dallarosa) and Inácio (Ricky Tavares) and then the proposal of marriage happens, promptly accepted. “There’s only one thing left for this moment to be perfect. Can I kiss you?”, asked Plínio.

At the moment of the exchange of affection, Arminda stopped the scene and pulled Inácio out of the room. At this point, the camera stops focusing on the gay couple. “What is this, Arminda?! Why do we run away?”, asked the boy. “Oh, my dear, you work at a radio station, you know very well that the schedule doesn’t allow it!”, replied the girl.

It didn’t take long for netizens to comment on the “scene cut” of “Beyond Illusion”. F5 contacted Globo’s advisors and did not receive a response until the publication of this text.

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