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Bruises: How to make them disappear now that summer has come


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The bruises take about a few weeks to “disappear” completely and it depends on the impact, the extent and the sensitivity of the skin.

Do you belong to these awkward types, like my speech, which they fall on what they find; If so I guess so do you you are full of bruises, without even realizing it.

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If, on the other hand, you are one of the most careful, then I imagine that a bruise may shock you.

As mentioned by Dr. Debra Galiman in Well and Good, in some bruises or bruises it takes about a few weeks to “shut down” completely. It depends on the blow, the extent and the type – sensitivity of the skin. In some people this hematoma, the trapped blood that is trapped, is created more easily and more often, as it is associated with blood clotting.

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Anyway, the bruises are unwanted and you have to get rid of them immediately, if you want to put on shorts or a dress. There are many different solutions. From natural methods to creams, you will definitely find something to help you get rid of bruises.

The solution

So we searched a bit and found out that The main ingredient in the treatment of inks is mainly arnica, as well as bromelain and vitamin C.

Arnica is a perennial herb – belongs to the sunflower family -, which is known for its medicinal action. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

That is, it is one herb multitool. That is why it is ideal for dealing with bruises and bumps. It helps the tissues to heal very quickly and the swelling to subside. It also soothes pain.

H Bromelain is a mixture of enzymeslocated in pineapple. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory action.

Also, the Vitamin C is a very important substance. Apart from all its other beneficial properties, this particular vitamin also helps eliminate bruises. More specifically, it helps balance collagen in the skin, causing bruises to “fade”.

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