Platinammos: Swimming in the ultimate turquoise – Watch video


The natural shade created by the steep cliffs, especially in the morning, is invaluable.

Where the blue of the sea meets the steep all-white rocks of the land, there is a secluded beach that can only be visited by boat or boat. Its name is Platinammos and it is located inside the gulf of Afala in northern Ithaca.

Its crystal clear turquoise waters with all-white thick pebbles, give it a wonderful exotic color that charms the visitor and enters directly into his heart. Everything is calm and hovering on the surface of the sea even in the deepest parts of the beach.

The natural shade from the steep cliffs, especially in the morning, is invaluable.

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And you can reach the bay of Afala via a passable dirt road from the village of Platreithias, but to be on the beach of Platinammos you have to rent a boat from Frikes, in the northeast of the island … it is really worth it.

As for the time of the visit, remember that the weather in the Ionian Sea cools down after noon … so get up early, and just enjoy as much as you can your own “paradise”, you will remember me …

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