Shannon Brewer (right), director of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and Casa Rosada advocates spoke an hour after the Supreme Court overturned Law v. Wade (Image: Jackson Women’s Health Organization/AP)

The Supreme Court’s decision to cancel Roe v. Wade has caused anger in the United States and around the world, but he has never been as devastating as the Casa Rosada, Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

The Pink House of Jackson was at the heart of the official name Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The court ruled 6-3 in favor of Mississippi on Friday, barring the state from allowing most abortions 15 weeks after pregnancy. It virtually overturned the Roe v. Wades from 1973.

The clinic kept its door open, even though the May leak was ripe for a court ruling to show it favored the state – the Pink House Defender volunteers were life-threatening protesters. I accompanied a woman in front of me.

Mississippi, so called means that the Casa Rosada will be forced to close in a few days.

Defenders co-sponsor Delender Hancock was surrounded by volunteer clinical escorts and drowned as he expressed disappointment with the Supreme Court ruling.

Delender Hancock, co-sponsor of Pink House Defenders, was surrounded by volunteer escorts from the clinic and drowned when he complained about the Supreme Court’s decision (Photo: AP).

“Mississippi law says it will work within 10 days of the Attorney General signing the certificate,” said Jackson Delsis, owner of the Women’s Health Organization, at a news conference outside the clinic on Friday afternoon.

“This certificate must have been waiting for me in the office today. That means we will be open for the next 10 days and will see the patient for the next 10 days.

When asked what would happen to the Casa Rosada, when and when the staff would leave, and what that meant, Delgis said.

“People will follow because it is our soul,” he said. ‘Can. We have an abortion.

Casa Rosada advocates have long volunteered to train women in front of pro-life protesters from the Jackson Women's Health Organization.

The Pink House Advocate has long volunteered to bring women back to life in front of pro-life protesters from the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Photo: MetroUK/Jessica Kwong)

Darvis concludes: “Pink houses: there are pink houses all over the country.”

The clinic’s director, Shannon Brewer, nodded as Darvis spoke.

“We’re still here, we’re still fighting,” Brewer said. We are just fighting in other places.

Tuesday Pink House Background Share in social networks He opened a clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The state has chosen to maintain an abortion throughout the pregnancy.

Brewer, who wept at a remote address via Zoom, admitted it was a very long day and week for the clinic’s staff and volunteers.

“Today is a difficult day for me, for Diane, for everyone at the clinic,” Brewer said. “We were preparing, but we can’t prepare anything for the day ahead.

Derenda Hancock, co-founder of Pink House Defenders, said her group would spend the next 10 days with women outside the clinic until they saw the last patient admitted to the clinic.

“The defenders of the Casa Rosada will more or less drop our torches, but that doesn’t mean we’re done,” Hancock said.

‘ვნ Follow the trail. We are rebelling now.

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