‘I don’t know why they are angry with me’, says Antonia Fontenelle


Antonia Fontenelle, 49, posted on her Instagram this Saturday (25) a text to defend herself from the attacks she has been suffering after revealing that a 21-year-old Globo actress gave up her son for adoption. The post came about an hour before Klara Kastanho, 21, released a letter revealing she was raped and kept the pregnancy, giving the child up for adoption at birth.

“My B.Os I assume, so do my children. Giving birth to a child and not wanting to see and have it spawned by chance IS A CRIME YES, only those who have never been to a shelter find this adoption story cute, in addition when it comes to a black child The name of this is ABANDONO DE INCAPAZ”, wrote Fontenelle on Instagram.

The comment was not made directly to Klara Castanho, since it occurred before the revelation, but it fits within the context of the revelation made by the actress moments later, whose attitude was the same criticized by Antonia.

The actress questioned why people were rebelling against them after revealing the case, without mentioning the name of Klara Castanho, during a live this Friday (24). “When it’s time to take a child, give birth and play in the world, which doesn’t even know what’s going to happen, then there’s no right religion, then you can”, she said.

“Don’t you dare call me crying! I won’t give your name because I don’t have that right, but don’t you dare call me crying, because I might lose patience and give your name,” continued Antonia, who said that the information she had about the case were from a columnist, who told her about the situation.

This Saturday’s post is accompanied by a video by columnist Leo Dias during an interview with comedian Danilo Gentili on the show “The Noite” (SBT) on June 16, which is quoted in the text.

“I would like to know why they are so angry with me, attacking me for having had the courage to mention a story that in my view is monstrous, but has become banal. The scum of society comes here to ask me what I have with this? A lot, since I worry about innocent lives, and I fight for them. And finally, I’m seeing some press vehicles mentioning names and calling me, be careful because I wasn’t the one who mentioned names, my Live is there for I’m not surprised at all with the crooked way some see this case, after all, if the values ​​hadn’t all been inverted, this bizarreness wouldn’t be happening at every corner”, wrote Antonia.

“As Leo Dias himself says, people are not outraged by the news, but by the postman, spare me. If I found out about it, it was through him, now they cover him, and if he doesn’t want to talk, it’s also his right. If the story proceeds the way it came to me, I can only say one thing, someone has to answer for it, and that someone is not me,” said the actress.

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