Wanessa Camargo’s cousin says that singer and Dado Dolabella took up dating


If for the general public a possible romance between the singer Wanessa Camargo, 39, and the actor Dado Dolabella, 41, remains an unknown, for her family this is no longer a secret. That’s what Nathan Camargo, son of singer Luciano and Wanessa’s cousin, revealed on the Love Cast podcast.

When asked about the two of them going to their wedding, he explained that she didn’t get to give information about how she is doing. [o namoro com Dado]”but everybody knows it is” [namorando o Dado].

Nathan’s wife, influencer Izabella Camargo reinforced that the two ended up not going to hide their romance, but because Wanessa’s children were sick. They got married earlier this month in Goiânia.

“She sent an audio, we even heard the children coughing,” said Izabella.

In May, the singer announced her separation from businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​42. They were together for 17 years and have two children, João and José. “After 17 years together, a relationship based on love, mutual respect and happiness, we have peacefully decided to end our marital relationship,” the note read.

“Alongside our incredible children, whom we love unconditionally, we will continue to be a family with the same values ​​and principles that have brought us together so far,” the statement added.

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