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Mom in … despair: 5 ways to calm a baby who cries incessantly


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The most important thing to remember is that the way you deal with your baby’s crying is more important than anything else.

Babies cry, some more, some less. But all babies cry because that’s the only way they can communicate. Even the quietest babies will cry.

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So after agreeing that crying and babies go hand in hand, since it is the only communication skill the newborn knows, let us also agree that persistent crying can be quite disturbing especially when you can not understand why your baby is so upset. from the beginning.

If you are a particularly new parent, deciphering what “normal” crying actually means is not always easy. And if you do not know why your baby is crying, how do you find a way to calm him down?

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I know that all this sounds and looks like a mountain and he believed that a parent with 2, 3 or more children sometimes feels the same way.

The most important thing to remember is that the way you deal with your baby’s crying is more important than anything else.

If you have exhausted the most basic reasons why a baby may cry, which is food, diaper change or drowsiness then you will probably feel very confused about the baby crying.

But no matter how frustrated and irritated you may feel, never shake the baby. Intense shaking can lead to abusive head trauma (AHT), commonly known as baby shaking syndrome (SBS). Violent shaking in children of any age can cause severe brain damage or death, but infants and young infants are particularly vulnerable.

Many times it can be a cry of colic (intestinal disorders), a cry of adjusting to his new routine or even a cry because he needs comfort and attention. After all, warmth is essential for a baby.

If you have ruled out any situations that require the advice of a specialist or pediatrician, then you can always try the following to calm a crying baby.

  1. Hold the baby in your lap on the left side to help digestion. Gently rub his back. If the baby is asleep, remember to place him in the crib or crib always on his back.
  2. White tones work as a sedative for some babies. These are sounds that remind babies that they are in the womb. In addition to lists of white tones that you will find on the internet, white tones are also considered the hair dryer and the hood.
  3. Sing a song. Your baby does not care if you sing correctly or not. And as strange as a song sounds it can stop crying in seconds.
  4. The bathroom is an integral part of a typical baby routine because it relaxes it and prepares it for sleep. However, if your baby is more anxious than usual you can try a warm and relaxing bath even if it is not the usual time for bedtime.
  5. Baby massage can be a relaxing ritual for both of you and is a great way to soothe both crying and you. But remember that many babies do not like massage, so keep in mind to observe its reactions.

No one can stand the endless tears of a baby, especially when he feels that he has tried everything and nothing works. You are human and you will lose your temper for a few minutes, but it is human. And believe me you will come back with even greater will and patience.

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