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Kapravelos is shocked: In the second wave many non Covid patients died waiting for surgery


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The director of BJMET at “Papanikolaou” hospital, Nikos Kapravelos, is shocking. regular surgeries, when they renewed the lists, many people had died waiting to be operated on.

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“After the second wave, we went to update the lists and many had died waiting for an operation. Those who had money went to the private sector and others who got on the phone insulted us. “They were telling us now, did you remember it? Go, it is lost,” he said characteristically.

In order not to repeat such phenomena, Mr. Kapravelos appealed to the citizens to be vaccinated and to the state to take stricter measures. In this context, he proposed the extension of the mandatory vaccination to those over 60 years of age, to civil servants, military and police, but also the use of public transport only with a negative test, as was done in Germany. At the same time, he reiterated the need to close schools for a few days and to operate the stadiums without fans.

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“We have been experiencing nightmares and tragedy in hospitals for several weeks now. “Today in Papanikolaou we are starting a vigil, yesterday we intubated patients outside the ICU, our fellow human beings are constantly dying”, he noted and added that yes, there is enough oxygen, but it ends very quickly. “Where our tanks were filled every 10-15 days, now we fill them every 2-3 days,” he underlined.

Finally, the director of the ICU, pointed out that this is not a simple flu, but a deadly virus that takes lives. “When you see hospitals collapsing, patients being treated outside the ICU, the cases being too many, shouldn’t the measures be strict?” He concluded.

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