Pink Christmas: Decoration from 2021 gets embellishments in rose tones

Pink Christmas: Decoration from 2021 gets embellishments in rose tones

Christmas 2021 is different. And it’s not just because the families will be able to get together a little more calmly after the success of the vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil. Change is aesthetic too. The Christmas decoration took on a new color: rosé.

In the area of ​​Rua 25 de Março, the main popular shopping center in São Paulo, the red, green and gold, typical of the celebration, now share space with decorative items in shades of pink.

Among the best-selling objects are ball ornaments for trees, in options for all budgets, according to size and model —boxes with eight balls cost R$24, for example.

At Ambiente House store, rosé parrots have been very successful, as the props that simulate the poinsettia plant, also known as Christmas flower or parrot’s beak are called. According to commercial sellers, consumers want to innovate in the 2021 celebration, after a Christmas marked by social distance and reduced meetings last year.

Nurse Beatriz Gonçalves, 26, is part of this group of consumers. “I liked the combination of rosé and gold,” she said as she chose ornaments in the store.

For the more daring, there are even plush Santa Claus options in shades of pink. The color was chosen by Ana Maria Braga’s team for the Christmas decoration of the Mais Você (Globo) program. As the presenter explained on the program, the proposal follows the candy color trend, to use softer colors.

“The idea is to sweeten Christmas, sweeten people’s lives after difficult times. So, Santa Claus turned pink and we have many balls, lights, candies, sprites and butterflies. We took great care here”, said the Ana Maria.

Architect Lívia Nepomuceno says that, in fact, pastel colors provide lightness to the environment, something that many people seek after the pandemic crisis. “Although strong colors are also in fashion, candy color brings this tranquility”, he explains.

It is possible to decorate an entire tree with ornaments in rose tones, which go very well with gold, which is already widely used in Christmas decorations. For those who are fond of tradition, items in green and red continue to be offered in abundance in specialty stores.


After an unusual Christmas due to the new coronavirus, merchants are encouraged by the resumption of sales of Christmas items, despite the economic crisis.

“We’ve been selling Christmas items since September. People are looking for everything: garland, flashing lights, trees,” says Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira, manager of the Festas e Fantasias store, in the 25 de Março region.

The expectation, according to him, is that the movement is similar to Halloween, which “was exceptional”.

“We hope it will be one of the best Christmases. People want to celebrate after so long at home. For those who went through this entire period of the pandemic, there is a lot to celebrate now”, agrees Daniel Aparecido de Freitas Souza Brito, manager of the Niazi Chohfi store .

After nearly two years in isolation, retired Arlete Zagroba, 72, from Curitiba, took the opportunity to travel to São Paulo to get her American visa and went until March 25. Although she claims not to be such a fan of the date, she says she likes it to decorate the house and make a celebration to receive children, grandchildren, godchildren and neighbors. “Kids love it, and I’m glad I can provide it.”

She says she has 20 boxes with Christmas ornaments, but every year she buys something new. This year, he purchased an inflatable Santa Claus doll to place outside the house. And only complained about the prices. “It’s all very expensive,” said Arlete. According to merchants, many of the Christmas products are imported, and the rise in the dollar made the items more expensive.

Even without much space to put a Christmas tree in the apartment, physiotherapist Talita Oliveira de Paula, 33, says she insists on decorating the house with Christmas ornaments. “This year I got a big Santa Claus.” With two young daughters, aged 3 and 1, she says she is excited to celebrate the date with the girls, her husband and the whole family.

For those willing to spend a little more in 2021, one of the novelties is the Christmas electronic settings such as a carousel (R$640) or a Christmas village with a Ferris wheel and everything (R$4,499).

On the street vendors that sell on the sidewalks of 25 de Março, among the most popular items are different types of Santa Claus dolls — a very popular version is one in which the character climbs a wooden ladder (R$ 40). There is also the good old man parachutist (R$ 35), as well as garlands (R$ 35) and electronic Santa Clauses, such as one that plays the drums and is sold for around R$ 90.​


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