Patrícia Poeta, Gio Ewbank and celebrities have already revealed they have endometriosis like Anitta


At the meeting this Friday (8), presenter Patrícia Poeta, 45, revealed that she also has a diagnosis of endometriosis, as does singer Anitta, 29, whose revelation was made on social media.

“I recently found out that I have endometriosis, I haven’t had an operation yet. Sometimes we have this pain, sometimes it doesn’t manifest as much and you’ll find out later. Sometimes it takes women 40 years to find out, which was my case. Sometimes it’s a unbearable pain”, said Patricia.

Studio partner Michelle Loreto, 42, said she had the disease at age 24 and had surgery. “I had endometriosis and had the operation for almost 20 years. I had fainting pains. In my day there was no test to detect endometriosis,” she commented.

In addition to them, most famous have already revealed that they suffer from the disease. Among them Larissa Manoela, 21, Isabella Santoni, 27, and Gabriela Pugliesi, 37. Giovanna Ewbank, 35, gave a report after Anitta’s speech.

“Anitta talking about endometriosis plays a movie in my head. I suffered for many years without knowing what I had, it was fainting cramps from pain and a lot of discomfort in sexual intercourse. I had never heard of the disease when I found out and soon I operated. my life,” he wrote.

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