A fan of Luísa Sonza invades the stage, is almost expelled and ends up dancing with the singer; Look


A video of a fan of singer Luísa Sonza, 23, went viral on social media after she invaded the stage during a show and was invited to dance with the artist. The episode took place while Sonza was performing at the Expocrato Festival, in Ceará, this Tuesday (12).

The moment the young woman invades the stage, the security guards act quickly to remove her from there. However, Sonza intervenes and then invites the fan to dance with her, who performs with the team of dancers, to applause from the audience.

The invasion took place during the solo of the dancer Amanda Araújo, who also went viral on the networks recently for her choreography in the singer’s show. Sonza’s attitude divided the opinion of fans and netizens on social networks this Thursday (14).

“I’m not close to Luísa, but I found her attitude very cute and polite with the fan, I liked it!”, wrote an internet user in the comments of the video. “Louisa’s dance solo was cut. If I had been in the show I would be angry. If I go just to see Luísa dancing”, reflected another.

“I never understand all this fuss… Most of the time the fan invades the stage hugs and leaves in a good one. But, before a storm happens “, wrote a third. “And the security guard didn’t understand anything,” pointed out another.

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