Accused of abuse by nephew, Ricky Martin faces up to 50 years in prison


The battle between Ricky Martin, 50, and nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez has already started in court. Next Thursday (21), the two will meet in court in Puerto Rico and if it is proven that the singer practiced incest with a relative, he could even face 50 years in prison.

The son of one of Ricky’s sisters, Vanessa Martin, Dennis, 21, had anonymously reported the singer under the Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention Act a month ago. The disclosure of the identity of the whistleblower was given by Ricky’s brother, Eric Martin, during a live.

The young man revealed that he had a relationship for seven months with a former member of the Menudo group and said that the singer would not have accepted the end of the relationship well. According to Dennis, Ricky would have harassed him with calls and also hanging around his house for two months. He also pointed out that during their courtship he suffered physical and psychological abuse.

According to the Mexican program “Ventaneando”, on TV Azteca, in the documents presented by Dennis, Ricky Martin and he had frequent intimate relationships, and that the singer abused the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Puerto Rico law is strict with allegations of incest.

Erick defended his brother and also said that his nephew has been away from the whole family for a long time and suffers, according to him, from mental problems. “Dear nephew, you know how much we loved you, you know how you distanced yourself from us, you know the mental problems you have… right now I’m trying to call you on the phone, and you don’t have that number anymore… blocked by facebook… You know what you did for mami [a mãe do cantor]your grandmother and you know how you are (…) Find out how many times the government of Puerto Rico never helped my nephew improve his mental health because the system was not made to rehabilitate people”, he criticized.

Ricky Martin has not commented on his brother’s video or his nephew’s accusations. In a statement released by his team last week, he said he would respond to the allegations responsibly.

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