Dado Dolabella and Wanessa Camargo participate in a retreat for planetary healing


The couple Wanessa Camargo, 39, and Dado Dolabella, 41, were seen together at a spiritual retreat in Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO). Dado himself published that it is the Aya Música Medicina Festival, whose motto is “planetary healing”.

In a video that circulates through social networks, it is possible to see that Wanessa is with him. Both stare at each other and seem to reflect on the music and messages being spoken (see below).

Three days ago, both had already been seen as a couple in the region. The images of the two walking on a street in the interior of Goiás, where Dado has lived since last year, ended up being shown this Wednesday (13) on Record.

The singer appeared first, wearing a yellow blouse and a backpack on her back, and ended up walking into a store. Afterwards, the singer and actor appears walking with a pair of crutches in the same direction as Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter.

At the end of June, in an interview with a podcast, Wanessa’s cousin, Nathan Camargo, son of singer Luciano, said that they are in fact in a relationship after the artist’s marriage ends.

When asked about the two of them going to their wedding, he explained that she didn’t get to give information about how she is doing. [o namoro com Dado]”but everybody knows it is” [namorando o Dado].

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