Justice denies injunction in favor of Klara Castanho against Antonia Fontenelle


Actress Klara Castanho, 21, was defeated in court in a lawsuit against youtuber Antonia Fontenelle, 49, in the case in which she spoke openly on the internet about the birth and adoption of the actress’s son after a rape.

Klara wanted Fontenelle’s video rant about her to be taken down from social media. However, in a decision by Judge Flávia de Almeida Viveiros de Castro of the 6th Civil Court of the Regional Court of Barra da Tijuca, it was defined that “a speech cannot be censored, even if we do not agree with it. publishes and issues an offensive opinion of being held responsible for what it has disclosed”. The case was also withdrawn from judicial secrecy.

Fontenelle made a video to celebrate the result. “My heart is filled with hope when I see a judge doing justice, being impartial. It’s beautiful to see. I offered you help, Klara. You only accept help from those who ask you to sue me. I put myself at the disposal of Justice to explain the reasons that led me to be harsh with this case even without mentioning the name of this girl”, she said.

In the youtuber’s view, Klara wrote an open letter pointing out a problem, but she has not made herself available to solve the problem. “Do you want money? I didn’t mention your name, but now I am, because you’re suing me. Nothing will change what’s already been done,” she countered.

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