Gkay says he’s taking a break from dating: ‘Men are hard work’


Gkay, 29, is single and doing very well, thank you. Without a steady date for a few months, the digital influencer revealed that she has been taking a break from men because she came to the conclusion that they were getting in the way of her life. “I’m kind of on sabbatical, I’m kind of taking a vacation, because then I saw that they were giving a job. Men give work. It was taking up a lot of my head”, he assumed during the participation in the podcast Quem Pod, Pode this Tuesday (19).

In a conversation with presenters Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank, Gessica Kayane explained that she is heterosexual, although she has already exchanged kisses with women at her popular parties. “I really like men”, admitted the actress who, between laughs, commented that there is even a virtual flirtation with youtuber Felipe Neto.

“But that’s it. I don’t leave the house. If you want me to go home. But also, going home is delivery, you know?”, acknowledged Gkay, who said he didn’t have much time to date. “Even because, if you start dating, how do you do it? Why is your life a reality show with your friends?” Bruno Gagliasso’s wife wanted to know.

“Yeah, those of mine… those bastards I call friends, they’re all dating now. But me? I can’t date”, joked the influencer. who didn’t shy away from the question about depression. “Today, I’m fine, but last year I developed panic disorder and anxiety disorder. I started treating myself and now everything is fine. My health comes first”, concluded Gkay.

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