“Glycanisos”: Lesvos is the main protagonist of the new series of SKAI


In Mytilini, the first series of filming of the television production is completed, in which love, ouzo, diversity, tradition, but above all Lesvos are the protagonists

With filming in Molyvos, Plomari and Mytilini the “Anise” series which will premiere the new season on SKAI, started her trip to the island on Thursday.

“Politics” was at the backstage of the filming, spoke with the contributors and is preparing an exclusive tribute to the series – the case of which develops entirely on the island – which will be published in the next few days.

Today in Mytilini, the first series of filming of the intoxicating television production is completed in which love, ouzo, diversity, tradition, but above all Lesbos emerges as the irresistible star of the series. In the alleys of Molyvos, in the port of Plomari and in the city of Mytilini, the love story of Stratis and Razan unfolds, going through 40 waves…

In Lesbos, apart from the leading couple, there are a multitude of young and brilliant actresses as well as the beloved Carmen Ruggeri. Everyone says they are excited by the natural landscape of the island, one of the main ingredients of the series which, like aniseed in ouzo, gives its aroma and authenticity to the production! On the side of the really beautiful team of “Glycanisos” are all the people of the island who help them in their way to complete the demanding filming!

The case

The great love that is born in Lesvos, between Stratis and Razan, a rich Mytilene man and a Syrian refugee, unfolds through the pages of screenwriter Giorgos Kyritsis and the instructions of director Stavros Potamaris.

Starring: George Papageorgiou (Soldier), Elena Pieridou (Razan), Costas Koklas (Philip), Tania Trypi (Hermione), Costas Apostolakis (Menelaus), Eugenia Dimitropoulou (Eleana), Emilianos Stamatakis (Hector), Evri Sofroniadou (Fatime), Christos Kontogiorgis (Karim), Rafika Sawis (Fazia), Vassilis Athanasopoulos (Angelos), Haris Asimakopoulos (Eustratiou), Andreas Kontopoulos (Thanasis), Mary Khinari (Stathoula), Antonis Giannakos (Raphael), Billio Marnelis (Aliki), Athena Alexopoulou (Chrysanthi), Nikos Kasapis (Mihalis), Ioulis Georgakopoulou (Anastasia), Vangelis Stratigakos (Nefzat), Fotis Karalis (Nikitas), Artemis Ioannidis (Anthi), Dimitris Apostolopoulos (Paul), Konstantinos Moutaftsis (Billi), Thalassini Vostanzoglou (Margarita ), Kostas Zografopoulos (Theodoros), Tasos Karlis (Haris)

In the role of Ariadne, Carmen Ruggeri.

Screenplay: Giorgos Kyritsis
Directed by: Stavros Potamaris
Based on an idea by: Rosy Riga
Script team: Stella Vassilantonaki, Lilian Dimitrakopoulou, Maro Kakavela, Tatiana Garabetian
Original music: Christos Papadopoulos
Production Design: Michalis Samiotis
Costume designer: Maria Kontodima
Casting Director: Ready2cast, Sofia Dimopoulou, Frangiskos Xidianos
Editing: Christos Markakis
Director of Photography: Savvas Chrysostomou, Dimitris Logothetis
Producers: Dionysis Samiotis, Katrianna Pantelis
Produced by: Tanweer Productions

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