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Platiana Ilia: An ancient Acropolis hooked on the rock


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A tour by the Archaeostoryteller (Classical Archeologist Thodoros Papakostas), in the acropolis of Platiana.

THE acropolis of Platiana is located in the southeastern part of the prefecture Iliason the eastern slopes of Mount Lapitha, on the border of ancient Triphylia with Arcadia.

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It is a fortified city built on an inaccessible and high hill of the above mountain, immediately south of the present-day community of the same name. The acropolis of Platiana is an important archaeological site. The location of the settlement in such a high and inaccessible place is rare for a Greek city.

As the archaeologist Chryssi Sgouropoulou mentions, the fact that she dominated the area of ​​the mountainous Trifylia and controlled the road from Pisatida to Megalopolis and the rest of Arcadia must have been a factor in her choice.

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The city’s heyday was the late classical and Hellenistic eras.

Dr. Classical Archeologist Thodoros Papakostas, otherwise known as “Archaeostoryteller” (as most people know him from his social networks and archaeo-stories on podcasts), last summer, toured the acropolis of Platiana, and shared with his followers on youtube, a video, through which it gives us the opportunity to get to know the ancient city a little better.

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