Police raid Marilyn Manson’s home


Police raided Marilyn Manson’s home in Los Angeles on a warrant for an investigation into sexual abuse cases reported during the year.

No further details were released but police sources confirmed to Rolling Stone that they had conducted an extensive search of the home, which is logically what most complaints say.

There is currently no official position on Manson’s part, and at every opportunity his lawyers have denied the allegations.

A few days ago Rolling Stone had published a large investigation with revelations about Manson, but it should be noted that most of them concern incidents from the period 2011-2012, so the search at his home and even so long after the first complaints in the spring that passed us, is probably in vain, unless they wanted to find out if the descriptions of the house by the victims are accurate.

Manson has many open fronts, with allegations of sexual abuse and rape, and from the moment the allegations began he was left without a record company and manager, while his scheduled appearances in TV series were cut.

One of the many allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson was that of Esmé Bianco, known for her presence in Game of Thrones. And it is the first lawsuit that seems to have developments, since the judge who examined it decided that the case can proceed despite the fact that ten years have passed since the events under consideration.

Manson’s legal team tried to convince him that all of this was part of the statute of limitations, but to no avail, so the case is pending in court.


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