Nikos Stravelakis: How the coronavirus hit me – The 5 insidious traps


Through SOTIRIA hospital, after an unexpected development for me, the adventure of the coronary, as three times vaccinated and without underlying diseases, I feel the need to publicize five traps, as I experienced them, thinking that this can prevent serious diseases, hospitalizations and save human lives:

1. When I gave the third dose of the vaccine, exactly six months after the second, the antibodies had already dropped – as it turned out – so I was much less covered – the third dose did not work. Therefore, given the additional threat of the “Omicron” mutation – I believe that the vaccination committee should soon consider the possibility of a third dose earlier, for example at five months. At least, first for those over 60 years old.

2. The symptoms in me, appeared 48 hours after the third dose. Relatively mild and without fever. This situation was misleading for the doctors who attributed them to side effects of the vaccine. Thus, valuable time was lost and theoretically people from my family and professional environment with whom I came in contact during this period could have been endangered. Of course, it is not the excellent doctors who are responsible, but the coincidence and the bad situation.

3. Reasonable question: since there was even the suspicion, did I do preventive tests? Obviously! And here is the third trap. All negative. Both the first day and the second and third day which in fact was found 12 hours later that I was positive. That’s my doctor’s salvation when I informed him that the RAPID TEST was negative – on the third day of mild symptoms and the fifth of the booster dose – to do a molecular test. Test that came out positive.

4. The coronavirus had a completely misleading course in me. For the first 24 hours – and after the finding of positivity – relatively mild symptoms, such as fatigue – the only intense – myalgias, sore throat, anosmia, tastelessness. No fever and oxygen saturation close to 98. And here was the fourth and most dangerous trap!

Doctors persistently ask about satiety and say: worry only when it falls low enough, with 98 being considered almost excellent. So, while I came out positive Monday night, the days that passed the symptoms subsided and by Friday I was almost fine, without fever and with a satiety of 98! So, the first thought: we saved it! Error!!! On Saturday, very shortness of breath started, I took a few steps and gasped, but the oxygen saturation… there: 97-98 !! Seemingly no cause for concern. Apparently! Here again was the intervention of my doctor, who urged me to go to the hospital to have an axial chest, for better or for worse!

5. Axial, despite saturation 98, showed pneumonia! The coronavirus had hit both lungs. The signal was immediate for my admission to the hospital and immediate initiation of intravenous remedisivir treatment followed by cortisone. When I asked how it is possible to have pneumonia, which causes severe shortness of breath, and at the same time seemingly normal satiety, they explained to me that the lower part of the lungs had been affected and the rest was overworked and gave this misleading measurement. So the axial caught the worst – and here is the fifth and biggest trap. Coronavirus often has a development that throws “ashes” in the eyes, resulting in wasting valuable time. Relatively mild symptoms at first, improvement then and usually after the seventh day rapid deterioration. The doctors told me clearly: you started treatment with remedisivir late, fortunately you are triple vaccinated, this will save you now that the coronavirus has progressed. And indeed this mainly saved me !!

I made the decision to make this personal information public, because I consider it to be a lesson for future patients, and so – always under the guidance of our excellent doctors – can prevent hospitalizations, more serious illnesses and save lives.

The most basic courses:

1. A test, when not molecular, is not always reliable.

2. Objective data on the course of the coronavirus are not always objective.

3. The coronavirus progresses insidiously, calms down and when – after days – it starts to beat, it can be a matter of hours now the rapid deterioration and intubation, especially for the unvaccinated with underlying diseases over 60 years.
4. Vaccinated people, like me, are also at risk when a long time has passed since the second dose. The longer the space, the greater the risk!

And so I understand, having lived the adventure himself, how so many dozens of human lives are lost every day and unjustly!

Therefore: Vaccine, third dose, open line with the doctor, not complacency in the good course – if someone gets sick – and, I would add, a chest x-ray or ideally axial, in the first stage, even with mild symptoms, always in consultation with the doctor, is the combination that could prevent the most serious adventure and loss of human lives.

And, the third dose at five and not six months after the second. Immediately for those over 60! Along with the correct measure of obligation for this category, which is the most vulnerable and overwhelmingly measures the largest losses.

Because, I’m afraid, the worst is yet to come, with half a million unvaccinated over the age of 60 and a total of 2,360,000 unvaccinated over the age of 12 and the new mutation just around the corner.



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