Gil do Vigor promises to show a side still unknown in a documentary

Gil do Vigor promises to show a side still unknown in a documentary

From December 9th, Gil do Vigor, 30, can be seen in an unpublished documentary produced by Globoplay. In it, the public will be able to see more about how their personal life is going, their battle in the United States and the difficulties and homesickness of their family.

Present at the 25th birthday party of singer Gabi Martins, the economist told more details of what to expect from the project. “You can expect a lot of emotion, laughter and even a side of me that many didn’t know. Many surprises yet,” he said.

Along with his mother, Jacira, he said that missing his family at times when he needs to study abroad has been the biggest difficulty. However, Mainha, as he calls her, knows that everything is necessary for the good of her son.

“We feel sad, but I raised a son to live in the world. I know he is now here in Brazil [chegou na terça, 30], but soon he will leave again,” stated Jacira.

During a little over an hour that he remained at Gabi Martins’ party, Gil went on stage and made the guests happy with his charisma. “It’s all been crazy, I still can’t understand this success, but I’m enjoying it. Gratitude,” he finished.

The ex-BBB has already revealed that he had earned a million dollar amount after his departure from the 21st edition of Big Brother Brasil, with only advertising contracts.

“I’ve already earned R$ 15 million,” he said in an interview with Forbes. The program ended about six months ago and since then Gil has signed contracts with several brands, such as banks, food and cleaning product brands.

The economist, who now lives in the United States to pursue his PhD, also speaks about finance in a panel in the Mais Você (Globo) program. In the program, he also tells of his experiences in the United States, and on his Instagram he shares his daily life in the project “O Brasil tá Lascado”.


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