Letícia Spiller has a request denied in court to deactivate links in the Melhem case


Actress Letícia Spiller, 48, had a defeat in court after being denied an injunction by judge Luiz Felipe Negrão of the 3rd Civil Court of the Barra da Tijuca Regional Forum. The information was first disclosed by columnist Ancelmo Gois and confirmed by F5.

The artist wanted Google Brasil to disable access to more than 70 links posted to the search site referring to an interview she gave about the Marcius Melhem case.

According to the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, in the process, Letícia understood that the links affected her image, as they convey an excerpt from the interview that would give the impression that the actress would support the former director of Globo in the accusations of harassment.

In the decision that denied the injunction, the magistrate highlighted that Google is only “the owner and operator of a search engine, not an internet hosting provider or an internet content provider”.

He understood that “the rights to the indicated contents are owned by third parties” and that there is no connection with the defendant. Sought, Letícia Spiller did not respond to requests.

In December 2020, Letícia called former Globo director and actor Marcius Melhem, accused of sexual and moral harassment, a “martyr” and also opined that he had a “good heart”. She also said she knew of other similar cases of stalking directors.

During an interview with the YouTube channel Programa Reclame, he said that he met Melhem and that he never seemed to be an aggressive person. “He’s a very dear person. It’s hard to receive news like that from a dear person, with a good heart. But I think women have to have the courage to speak. That kind of thing can’t exist,” he said.

Afterwards, he gave details about other cases he learned about. “I’ve heard other cases of harassment of directors who abuse their power to harass a young actress. There were several cases not only Marcius. Marcius is becoming the martyr of the situation, but there were many other cases in the company”, commented she, who started in theater next to Marcius Melhem.

Melhem’s defense argues that he isn’t even a defendant in any lawsuit so far. In January of this year, prosecutor Gabriela Manssur, from the Women’s Ombudsman of the National Council of the Public Ministry, forwarded the testimony of eight women who accuse former TV Globo director Marcius Melhem of sexual harassment to prosecutors in Rio de Janeiro.

This step, however, has not yet resulted in a lawsuit that makes Melhem a defendant. The actions that run in court on the matter are filed by him. In the civil sphere, he has already been denied the suspension of publications made on social networks by Danilo Gentili, which he also considered offensive, but the judge who analyzed the action treated the fact as “freedom of expression”.

He also managed to get Rafinha Bastos, another target of civil action, to withdraw from the air a video that satirized him, and to the YouTuber Felipe Castanhari to suspend publications considered offensive.

Recently, Piauí was denied by the courts the publication of new data on the case, under the allegation of judicial secrecy, which was also extended to Melhem to present information in its defense.

Melhem also files a lawsuit against Daniela Giusti Barra, Dani Calabresa, a decision taken after she has neither denied nor confirmed the Piauí report that presented her as a victim of his harassment.


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