Juliano Cazarré reveals that his daughter will undergo another surgery


Juliano Cazarré, 41, did a live on his Instagram profile on Friday night (29) to share news about the health status of his daughter Maria Guilhermina. The girl was born on June 21 with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a rare congenital heart disease, and underwent surgery shortly after birth. The interpreter of Alcides in the soap opera “Pantanal” said that the girl continues to surprise the doctors in the recovery process, but that she will need to undergo a new surgical procedure.

“Our baby is fine, she is gaining weight and breastfeeding. She is surprising the doctors with the speed of recovery. The issue is delicate and later on she must undergo a second surgery. This procedure is the repair of her heart valve , which is the defective valve. But it’s okay, we already knew it would be like this. Pray for Maria Guilhermina”, asked Cazarré.

He also asked for prayers for his wife, Letícia, who is following the treatment closely in São Paulo. “It’s worse for Leticia, who is in a hospital bed. Away from her small children, missing them, she had never been away for so long. I’m here taking care of the kids, the dogs, doing what I have to do”, took over the actor. In addition to their youngest, Juliano and Letícia have four other children: Vicente, Inácio, Gaspar and Maria Madalena.

The valve mentioned by Cazarré in the live is the tricuspid, which controls the flow of blood between the right atrium and the right ventricle in the organ. The actor has been broadcasting daily on his networks, where he often prays with his followers.

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