Celebrities support Giovanna Ewbank after an argument with a woman suspected of racism


The attitude of Giovanna Ewbank, 35, to defend her children Titi, 9, and Bless, 7, from racism at the Clássico Beach Club restaurant, in Costa da Caparica, Portugal, received support from celebrities on social media.

According to the actress, the discussion took place after a white woman, who was in the restaurant, cursed Titi and Bless and also a group of Angolans.

“I would break her teeth. They can say that I would lose my mind, that I shouldn’t, but nothing, nothing justifies this lady doing that”, said Xuxa. For the presenter, those who accept racism should live on the Moon, Mars or Pluto. “We can no longer accept or tolerate people like that.”

“Racist is about beating or public humiliation. There is no other way. Congratulations, Gioh. I will always be your fan”, said communicator Felipe Neto.

Astrid Fontenelle, who also has a black son, said she would do the same and then call the police.

On Instagram, actress Fabíula Nascimento asked for “jail for racists” and was supported by actress Drica Moraes and journalist Fernanda Gentil.

For Deolane Bezerra, Giovanna’s only mistake was “not having given a beating”.

When commenting on the news, Bruna Marquezine called her friend perfect, lioness and motherfucking mother. “Fire the racists. Disgusting. They won’t pass,” she said.

Rafael Zulu said that Giovanna is an ally in the fight against racism.

“All my love”, declared Marcelo Serrado.

Former BBB Lumena celebrated the actress’ attitude. “How satisfying of Giovanna Ewbank beating up a woman who was racist to her children.”

In the images shared by columnist Leo Dias, Giovanna is held by a person while cursing a seated woman. The actress’ husband, Bruno Gagliasso, 40, appears alongside as she argues. Bruno called the police, according to the couple’s publicist.

“Disgusting racist, a motherfucker, that’s what you are hideous, ugly. You’re disgusting,” said the actress. The woman replied to Giovanna: “Look at your face, look at you”. The actress replied: “Look at your face, what a pity for you, it’s a pity. You’re disgusting. You deserve you know what? You deserve a punch, a punch in your face. That’s what you deserve”.

According to Giovanna and Bruno’s advice, the woman was arrested.

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