‘It’s very chic to be me’, says Linn da Quebrada after face surgery

‘It’s very chic to be me’, says Linn da Quebrada after face surgery

Linn da Quebrada, 32, used her social media account to tell more details about the surgery called “facial feminization”, that is, a procedure to give the face feminine features. She published a photo this Monday (1) where she appears with her face still swollen and some bruises, in addition to a bandage on her nose.

“Very chic to be me. With all the encounters, fits and starts that with their cuts, make us. But, the most silly and mysterious in this way is, what are we going to do with what they made us”, Linn wrote in the publication.

On Sunday (31), Linn shared part of the result of the surgery in a sequence of photos on Instagram. According to the singer’s advice, the procedure was carried out a few weeks ago, but only now she just decided to share the news. The former BBB, who participated in the 22nd edition, is recovering well.

Facial feminization is a set of gender affirmation procedures. Interventions range from rhinoplasty and cheekbone augmentation to smoothing the Adam’s apple and mentoplasty, which redesign the jaw to leave it with smoother features. The singer has yet to share which procedures she has recently performed.

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