The summer destinations of the Aegean now even closer with SEAJETS


It is the favorite time of the Greeks and not only, as our country is suitable for summer holidays since it has infinite destinations that enchant their visitors

The Aegean offers many different options for every preference. Islands big and small, some cosmopolitan, some picturesque with nice alleys and others that can offer moments of calm, wild fun with parties until the morning hours and others that support both.

The important thing is that whatever the choice of the island, there should be someone to “bring it even closer”, especially if we are talking about a few-day getaway… It would be ideal to have someone who could take us to the island, for example of the Aegean that we want in a very short period of time than what we initially calculated.

Someone who makes even the most distant destination seem close….

And the time has come to “reveal” the name of “someone” who will offer us this and it is none other than SEAJETS

SEAJETS travels us to the Aegean islands with incomparable speed, unique comfort and luxury. It is the company with the largest fleet of high-speed ships worldwide. This means that now, with SEAJETS you can reach your favorite islands safely and faster than ever.

Which serves
SEAJETS serves 50 ports in total and has more than 390 connections from Piraeus, Rafina, Thessaloniki, Volos, Mantoudi Evia and Lavrio with final destinations in the Cyclades and the Aegean.

How does he do it…
Every day the 5-star Tera Jet departs at 9:00 a.m. from Piraeus and arrives at:

  • Serif: 2.20′
  • Sifnos: 2.50′
  • Apple: 3.50′

In addition to the Tera Jet, there is also the high-speed ferry with a capacity of 800 passengers and 140 vehicles SuperRunner Jet which departs at 15.00 noon from Piraeus and arrives at:

  • Serif: 2.15′
  • Sifnos: 2.45′
  • Apple: 3.45

SEAJETS makes even the faraway destination seem close while traveling us quickly and safely.

For more information and reservations:

• 210 710 7 710
• To your travel agent

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